Cost-effective solutions

Corpus medical education programmes offer significant savings compared to in-person events without compromising on content, interactivity or audience engagement.

Our pricing is not based on a subscription model. The customisable and flexible nature of our medical education means that pricing varies dependent on your needs, with discount available for larger programmes.

We work tirelessly to deliver high-quality programmes that also save you time and money, making them the ideal solution for meeting your medical educational objectives.

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Reduce your environmental cost

  • As a carbon-neutral company we are significantly reducing the environmental impact of medical education

  • HCPs connect with global experts online, eliminating the need for travel, thereby preventing harmful gases from entering the atmosphere

  • Each hour of education will help lower your carbon footprint, saving an average of 2.11 tonnes of CO2e

Case Study

One of our speakers presented 25 meetings in 2019, each in a different country.

Based on the speaker’s location and that of the participants, we worked out how far the speaker would have to fly to present physically in these locations.

The results were astonishing!

  Air miles saved: 320,160
  CO2e saved: 38 tonnes

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